You have seen many Delta Bpo Videos and finally, you have decided to start your own – Right? If you are confused about how to choose a Delta Bpo Solutions Videos company, here we have prepared the best guide.

Choosing a service provider that works with Business Process Outsourcing is not a simple task. However, making a thorough analysis of the business, setting objectives and researching different companies. It is indeed possible to make an excellent choice. This process can be defined in a few steps, such as:

Map the organization:

The secret to obtaining a high return on any investment is to know the objectives and the profile of the business. Having a comprehensive view, the manager can more easily identify the options that best adapt to the business profile and, thus, make a smart choice. And hiring a BPO company is no different.

Recognize outsourcing processes:

In practice, not every routine can be outsourced. Sometimes, a company that works with high-value information may choose not to hire a Business Process Outsourcing company to manage its IT infrastructure, for example. Because it understands that this would imply a possible weakening of the capacity of its digital security policies making it difficult to protect internal records in relation to third parties.

Search for market leaders:

Defining how Business Process Outsourcing will be applied to the business, it is time to meet the best service providers in the market. This step must be done carefully. Start by evaluating the characteristics of the main ventures in the market that operate in the area. During the process, keep in mind that the best service is not the one with a low cost of hiring, but the one that best adapts to the internal rules and objectives of your company.

Get in touch with other customers and ask for feedback on the services provided by the company. Also identify the size of the business, which must be aligned with the size of your company. Then proceed to an assessment of the methodology used by the company, identifying whether the internal rules are in line with the standards of your enterprise.

Define the expected service levels:

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) or service level agreement, in Portuguese, is nothing more than the contract that governs all relations between the contracting company and the contracted Business Process Outsourcing company. Do you think you are ready to close a deal with a BPO solution? This is the time to work for the SLA to be as aligned as possible with your goals.

Establish constant monitoring of results:

Through performance indicators, the manager must constantly assess the impact of the contracted services. Identify whether the Business Process Outsourcing company is acting as planned, following the defined rules and pursuing business objectives.


Service-related costs also deserve attention. It is important that the company makes a contract that avoids surprises at the end of the month or when the size of the BPO team changes. So, you don’t risk compromising your budget at an important time. Keep in mind that the BPO company’s job is to help the business achieve better results with efficient and modern processes. Therefore, choose your service provider calmly, through a comprehensive survey, identifying who can perform the task well and within short deadlines.