With the enormous opportunities offered by technology, working from home is made much easier and comforting. Projects such as inbound BPO projects, Data entry projects and call center jobs can now be taken at the comfort of one’s home or workspace. Delta Bpo solutions are still breaking grounds in helping new and old businesses take up positions offered by technology such as call center jobs.

For the new business owner who is wondering how best to start a call center business from home, below are 6 highlighted steps you can use to kick start your call center job from home.

  1. Get a workspace: rightly so, a workspace is your first shot at getting started. Where will you work from? Yes, you are working from home, it is appropriate you get a workspace at home that allows you to work without distractions, this could be your garage, shop or even bedroom. Customers calling in and hearing the voice of a crying baby or barking dog, will not do much good to your brand, so get a workspace.
  2. Experiment with Skype: as a call center you will have the need to guide customers on video calls or do a board meeting with your customer,Skype is a perfect way to experiment and know your readiness. Similarly, making calls with skype with your headphones connected to your system can help you prepare for your job.
  3. Get a good computer: your job as a call center will need a computer that is connected to the internet so get one, get a backup system if possible. This way you stay connected at all times.
  4. Get necessary equipment and technical knowledge: to succeed with your call center you will need equipment such as; workstations predictive dialer, DOT and an OSP license. With Delta Bpo Solutions, getting the necessary equipment and license is made easy, as we guide you through the entire process.
  5. Look for clients and jobs: with your workspace all ready, you will need to get the client’s and the jobs to start working from home. Delta BPO solutions help you with needed clients and jobs to work with, giving you an edge to start your call center business. As a company, we stand by you and ensure you succeed.
  6. Sign up with Delta BPO solutions: to achieve the needed success with your new business as a call center Delta BPO Solutions is your number one partner for effective results in business, we don’t just help you build your call center business we connect you with outsourcing jobs to help your business grow and achieve success.


At Delta BPO solutions, we help your business grow and reach heights you can never imagine. Your success is our top priority in business and helping you to achieve this success is what builds our philosophy. To reach your true potentials, Delta BPO solutions is an industry giant you can always trust to guide you every step of your journey.