Most outsourcing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr typically allow just about any form of fill-in and people can post just about any kind of project based task on these sites. These places, in some ways, have now become great places for finding talent, but can also be rife with unpredictable contracts, both on the side of the client and on the side of the person assigned the project. But BPO trends are taking the direction of specialization, which is a better option. At Delta Bpo Solutions, we have adopted a more narrow focus to enable us build niche opportunities in such areas as operations, hiring, marketing, and sales for our customers.

Some of the best business process outsourcing examples are discussed below:

  1. Sales Process Outsourcing

Many professionals focus more lead generation and sales prospecting activities when it comes to finding sales opportunities and building contact lists. While these tasks are necessary, the problem is that they don’t realize time wisely for actually closing deals, which is the salesperson’s best skill.

With Delta BPO Solutions sales processing outsourcing, you will be able to delegate various tasks to outsourced workers like curating both private and public data sources to deliver great prospect lists, which are organized with qualified leads. All you need to do is to set parameters for the types of leads you are looking for, document your process, and then our dedicated team will execute behind the scenes and nurture the leads found, and ensure that meeting for your sales team is secured.

  • HR Business Process Outsourcing

Recruiting new employees can be a laborious and long process with continuous back and forth with the prospects, and filtering through applications. Business outsourcing services offered by a BPO company for HR and recruiting teams is something that can easily fill your talent pipeline with the most qualified prospects and schedule for your candidate interviews.

Once you set requirements and conditions for the types of candidates that you are looking for, and you have also specified the jobs to be assigned, a BPO consultant will create and manage candidate lists which match your specific needs. Further, the company can go as far as reaching out to the qualified candidates and schedule interviews, and ensure that your talent pipeline stays full. This will ensure that you are hiring only the best people for the job.

  • Operations Management Outsourcing

One area within companies that is known to be recurring but necessary is business operations. With a reputable BPO consultant firm, outsourcing of operations processes often includes everything from transcription services and booking reservations to uploading files and onboarding services. For example, Delta BPO Solutions has an assembly line that uses the perfect combination of technology and people to get the job done.

With an intuitive client dashboard, it becomes easier to know the tasks that have been assigned and the time those projects will take to complete. Basically, your deliverables are, at all time, completed with your company specifications and unique brand.

For all your business process outsourcing services, Delta BPO Solutions has you covered. It is the best BPO outsourcing company to work with.